Neue Aircotec Gmbh


TN Complete  v.2 8

TN Complete shows the route flown, the barogram of the flight (including vario and TAS [1]), it gives the flight stats and a temperature curve for the flight.

Hilbert Neue Fonts  v.2.00

Rubicon Hilbert Neue Fonts.


Hilbert Neue Fonts Type1  v.2.00

Rubicon Hilbert Neue Fonts.

TS Handels GmbH  v.

MyCONVENO Sales4 TS ist eine interne Auftragserfassungssoftware fALr Mitarbeiter der Firma TS Handels GmbH. Zum Starten der Software muss ein AktivierungsschlALssel eingegeben werden, der Ihnen von MyCONVENO auf Anfrage mitgeteilt wird. ### Neu

Hilbert Neue Condensed Font TT  v.2.00

Condensed realist sans serif font with a neutral feel.

Hilbert Neue Condensed Font Type1  v.2.00

Condensed realist sans serif font with a neutral feel.

Agrar TV  v.

Das neue Bayer Agrar TV App der Bayer Cropscience Deutschland GmbH bietet Ihnen alle aktuellen Beiträge aus Ihrer BayDir TV Internet Mediathek jetzt auch auf dem Windows Phone 7! Bequem zum überall mit hinnehemen.

Catan - The Computer Game  v.

For those who love this board game by Klaus Teuber, the computer version of 'The Settlers of Catan' is here. This is the electronic incarnation of the board game published by Mayfair Games, Inc., Kosmos Verlag, and other licensees of Catan GmbH.

SemTalk3  v.3 1

Semtation GmbH provides the program SemTalk for modeling business processes and knowledge structures, an easy to use but very powerful modeling tool based on Microsoft Visio.

Lactate Scout Assistant (E)  v.1 3

The Lactate Scout Assistant analysis software is only to be used with the Lactate Scout analyzer for data import and sports medical analysis, connected by a special certifi ed cable or Bluetooth adaptor (both manufactured by SensLab GmbH) with a regu

TravianManager  v.1.0

TMbot is an Auto-farm bot / Manager software for the popular MMOGRTS Travian, which is published by the german company TravianGames GmbH.

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